To the Thermo-Clean Group, quality is synonymous with supplying the degree of cleaning sought within the delivery term desired, at all times accompanied by the right documents.

The finished product quality sought may derogate for similar materials due to different customer specifications. In order to ensure transparency for our customers on the desired end result, we use quality codes.

Supplying the right quality starts out by making clear arrangements. Only if we have a clear and unambiguous set of arrangements in place with the customer on the treatment and the desired finished product quality, do we start stripping or cleaning operations.

Swift response in case of minor problems

This does not mean minor errors will not occur. In that case, we undertake to swiftly resolve the matter in order to keep the implications for the customer down to the bare minimum.

We use transparent tracking software to record all data in case of non-conformities. Alongside the swift resolution of individual occurrences, we use the information collated to hone and improve our day-to-day operations on an ongoing basis.