Over the years ahead, the Thermo-Clean Group is keen to continue to grow and become the leading cleaning business for the environmentally friendly stripping of metals and the cleaning of contaminated production machinery parts and components. We are committed to continuously improving what we do plus we are eager to excel in the areas of product quality, service delivery and eco-friendliness.

Product quality

We strip paint and lacquer from metal parts and clean production machinery components in strict compliance with the quality requirements agreed upon with the customer.

Service delivery

We observe the delivery terms arranged and proactively inform our customers in case of any anomalies. Where possible, we anticipate contingency situations over at our customers’.


We are wholly compliant with applicable laws and regulations, with a due focus of attention going out to the environmental impact of our processes, products and techniques.

We undertake:

  • To put in place clear arrangements with our customers and other stakeholders at all times.
  • To register any anomalies in detail and to resolve them in the shortest possible term.
  • To commit motivated workers in which we go for the right person for the right job.

Quality and environmental management system

To deliver on our quality and environmental health ambitions, Thermo-Clean has implemented a quality and environmental management system in compliance with the requirements set out under ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015. The further development of this management system is an ongoing responsibility for all employees at every level.