Instead of the traditional method of high-pressure cleaning which delivers poor results, we clean heat exchangers using a thermal cleaning process. This technique, engineered in-house, delivers remarkable results. After cleaning, we return the heat exchangers to you as good as new. Our cleaning method raises the efficiency of your heat exchanger and extends its service life.

What are the drawbacks of cleaning heat exchangers with high pressure?

The conventional high pressure jet approach for cleaning heat exchangers comes with various drawbacks. For one thing, it is impossible for the water jets to reach every nook and cranny around the heat exchanger.

This is why Thermo-Clean prefers the thermal cleaning technique to cleanse heat exchangers. Over the past 25 years we have gradually honed this technique with astonishing results.

What are the benefits of the thermal cleaning of heat exchangers?

Thanks to the controlled heat, the cleaning process is extremely thorough. We remove all dirt, even in those hard to reach nooks and crannies.

After the heat exchanger has been thermally cleaned, we blow away or rinse out all remaining dust.

What end result can you expect from the thermal cleaning of a heat exchanger?

After it has received the thermal cleaning treatment from the Thermo-Clean Group, your heat exchanger is restored to delivering its original performance. In practical terms, this means: perfect heat transfer, long service life and no residue that gets mixed in with your products.

Our cleaning method extends the service life of your heat exchanger by many years, which ultimately sees you effect significant savings.

Which infrastructure do we have in place for the thermal cleaning of heat exchangers?

We run pyrolysis ovens that enable us to perfectly thermally clean heat exchangers up to 60 tonnes. Our ovens are among the most advanced installations in Europe for this field of application.