The history of the Thermo-Clean Group goes back to 1989. Since then, we have worked to become the leading specialist in thermal and chemical paint stripping of metals. In addition, we have racked up a wealth of expertise in the thermal cleaning of heat exchangers, filter cleaning as well as the removal of plastic or rubber from metal parts.

The start of Thermo-Clean

Thermo-Clean started out in 1989 as a subsidiary of Jos Mol Coatings nv, which handled the distribution of powder coatings in Belgium and Luxembourg manufactured by Teodur (Herberts).

Initially, Thermo-Clean had a modest infrastructure in a 600 m² factory building. In addition to a Strunz pyrolysis oven measuring 3.5 x 2.2 x 1.85 metres for the thermal paint stripping of metals, we had a blasting cabinet and a spray painting booth for high-pressure cleaning.

Alongside the paint stripping of metals, we specialised in the removal of plastic from parts.

Passing of company founder Jos Mol

In late 1990, founder Jos Mol unexpectedly passed away at the age of 49. Due the young age of his son and successor Robert Mol, Guido De Cock was attracted as an outside partner to head up the business.

Growth on the Belgian market

During the 1990s, Thermo-Clean wanted to become a major player on the Belgian market for the stripping of all kinds of metal parts. Our experience in the cleaning of costly technical parts for the chemical industry expanded and matured accordingly.

First tentative steps on foreign markets

Courtesy of the superlative service and excellent quality we provide, we soon started drawing interest from abroad. In 1999, we conducted our first takeover of an industry peer in the region of Lyon (France) which went on to become our Thermo-Clean Rhône-Alpes site.

Chemical paint stripping as the next step

In 2000, we took over the steel stripping department of one of our main competitors in Belgium. The department was pooled with our Heusden-Zolder site. In addition, we invested in the construction of a new department for chemical paint stripping of metals. These investments enabled us to develop to become one of the largest paint stripping plants in Europe.

Continued growth abroad

In the post-2000 era, we gradually stepped up our foreign expansion drive. As good as every year that passed saw us setting up a new site or undertaking a takeover. After France, sites in Germany, Slovakia, … followed in quick succession.

In 2005, Guido De Cock left the business to enjoy a well-deserved retirement. Since then, the Thermo-Clean Group has been headed up by his business partner Robert Mol.

Franchise launch

Thanks to a new franchise formula, we are offering outside partners unique opportunities to make the most of our expertise in the paint stripping of steel and the cleaning of industrial parts.

This franchise formula enables us to accelerate our international growth. In doing so,