If we cannot be certain that the part we have been asked to clean or strip can be transported or treated safely, we will decline the assignment. Safety comes first, any time any place.

We work to ensure the safety of our employees as well as the safe operation of our installations. To this end, we sit down to consult with our customers on a regular basis. At these meetings, we jointly set out to find a solution for the safety challenge. These solutions may include new transport containers, partial external pre-cleaning to remove the worst of the contamination, etc.

In-house health & safety policy

A solid in-house health & safety policy makes our employees even better aware of the hazards on the shop floor and during transport. We expect our employees to actively contribute to ensuring greater safety op the shop floor.

Unsafe situations are to be reported immediately and we encourage people to come up with suggestions to improve matters even further. This also applies to our customers. If you have noticed anything that could help raise the safety standard at any one of our sites, please let us know!