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Paint stripping vehicules

Thermo-Clean is a specialist in paint stripping bodyworks.

Heat treatment

WBT-Electron is specialized in the heat treatment of steel constructions, with which tension of materials is removed & the mechanical properties of steel can be altered.

Paint stripping

Stripping off the paint from metals is one of our key specialist fields. We have the expertise as well as the installations to perform thermal or chemical paint stripping.

Plastic removal

At the instruction of companies that manufacture or process plastics, we remove plastics from technical parts using thermal cleaning processes.

Rubber removal

Through thermal cleaning, Thermo-Clean also removes rubber – including PU, butyl, etc. – from contaminated technical parts.

Cleaning heat exchangers

Instead of conventional high-pressure cleaning, we clean heat exchangers using a thermal cleaning process.

Purchase equipment

On demand thermal processing & heat recovery equipment: Manufacturing at the customer's request, heat recovery systems, loading systems and in-house transport systems

Filter cleaning

The Thermo-Clean Group offers tailored solutions for the cleaning of all types of filters. Depending on the specific type of filter we select the right cleaning technique.


Before technical parts made from metal can be recovered by being remelted, in a lot of cases the dirt they carry needs to be removed first by way of a thermal cleaning treatment.

After-treatment techniques

After stripping, after-treatment is often advisable. This sees us remove the residual dust, paint residue or a thin coat of chemical product.

A message from our CEO

As the leading specialist in chemical or thermal paint stripping of metals, the Thermo-Clean Group has developed to become a global reference for the chemical or thermal paint stripping of metals and other materials. In addition, we specialise in the thermal cleaning of heat exchangers, stripping plastic or rubber from technical parts and filter cleaning.

Always a site nearby

Alongside our headquarters in Heusden-Zolder, we have a network of sites, scattered across Europe. We are planning continued growth in and outside of Europe over the years ahead.

Total solution for every cleaning problem

Sister company Strunz Anlagentechnik specialises in the design and building of installations for thermal paint stripping and industrial cleaning. Our close cooperation enables us to offer a specific total solution for every cleaning problem.

Robert Mol
Robert Mol General Manager Thermo-Clean Group