Stripping off the paint from metals and other materials is one of our key specialist fields. We have the relevant expertise and the installations needed to perform thermal or chemical paint stripping. For every assignment, we advise the best stripping method. Thanks to our large capacity, we are able to guarantee very short deadlines.

We completely strip virtually every single part made from metal or another kind of material that has been painted. A large portion of our ‘stripping capacity’ goes to treating tools that are used in paint companies: suspension brackets, grilles, skids, …

In addition, we strip all kinds of parts that show up spray painting errors. For paint stripping we rank among the biggest players on a European scale, courtesy of our extensive infrastructure and our different sites.

Which techniques do we use for stripping metals and other materials?

  • Thermal paint stripping from metals and other materials
    For thermal paint stripping we use temperatures that exceed the gasification point of the paint to be removed. This acts to decompose the organic components in the paint to dust. Normally speaking, this temperature sits somewhere between 380° and 450 °C.
  • Chemical paint stripping from metals and other materials
    For chemical paint stripping we use products that affect the tack coat of the paint. This causes the paint to disintegrate. Another option is to use a chemical product to eliminate the adhesion of the paint. In that case, the paint coat starts flaking off. This type of stripping is usually performed at temperatures between 70° and 150 °C.

Which stripping method is advisable for all types of metal?

Which method is advisable to strip a specific metal item depends on different factors. Especially the kind of material from which that item is made is key in that respect. Thermal stripping can be performed on steel and in some cases on spring steel and aluminium.

Chemical stripping can be performed on as good as all kinds of metal under specific conditions. We are happy to advise you on the right method to strip your parts.

Comparison chart of the paint stripping techniques per material type