So as to act in response to the rising worldwide demand for specialists in thermal and chemical paint stripping or cleaning, we have come up with an appealing franchise formula. This enables investors or existing companies to start up a successful cleaning business anywhere in the world under the wings of the Thermo-Clean Group. We have devised a unique cleaning method to clean heat exchangers, which constitutes a huge benefit for our franchisees.

The strength of the formula is in the know-how and expertise made available by the Thermo-Clean Group. This allows you to set up your own successful cleaning and stripping business in your own local region in a very short space of time. Plus you get to reap the full benefit of our excellent high- profile corporate identity and our reputation for quality.

What does our franchise formula comprise?

  • The right to use our brand name.
  • All commercial resources such as folders, website, presentations, joint trade fairs attendance, etc.
  • Support with preparing the financial plan and talks with prospective investors and banks.
  • Assistance with selecting the best suited location.
  • The engineering of the new cleaning department.
  • Assistance with the purchase of the cleaning installations required.
  • Training courses for your personnel at our locations, so they are already experienced in using the installations and how to deal with the contaminated parts of your customers before opening.
  • Support with all kinds of licensing issues.
  • Personal support with the start-up of the cleaning department.
  • Central control room for monitoring your cleaning installations, with help from us on special cleaning operations and support in case of disasters.
  • Step-by-step cleaning plans for all the different parts to be cleaned.
  • IT and software support to give you full control over your cleaning department.
  • Internal audits by our seasoned employees aimed at optimising the performance of your franchise department.
  • Courtesy of the joint development by Thermo-Clean and sister company Strunz, you have the use of a special oven for cleaning heat exchangers.
  • And last but not least … over 30 years experience in the field of thermal and chemical cleaning of a very wide variety of different parts. We are there to give you straight and clear answers to all your questions.

What do we expect from our franchise sites?

As a franchisee, we obviously expect you to meet a number of requirements. We will be happy to dilate on these requirements at an introductory meeting.

Interested? Please do not hesitate to contact us. After you have returned the completed contact form, our regional manager will contact you at the earliest opportunity.