Reduction of your greenhouse gas emissions by thermal cleaning!

Thermo-Clean can help you to reduce your greenhouse gas emissions by performing a thermal cleaning on your heat exchangers. This proven technique will reduce the organic or partly organic fouling inside and around the tubes and even between tubes and shell into easy to remove dust particles. By thermal cleaning, 1 kilogram of fouling results in 50 grams of dust which can easily be rinsed out. The result of this type of cleaning will be a heat exchanger restored to delivering its original performance, meaning reduced energy consumption, higher output and longer production runs. All these benefits will automatically bring you a severe reduction of your greenhouse gases.

An example: after conventional high-pressure cleaning of the U-tube heat exchanger shown in the picture, the weight was 15,645 kilograms and declared to be 'clean'. To prove it wasn’t, we performed a thermal cleaning on the same bundle and reached a weight of 14,505 kilograms. Thus we removed an extra 1,140 kilograms of fouling hidden in areas where conventional cleaning has no access to.

Thanks to our thermal cleaning result, the heat exchanger of this petrochemical industry client is restored to its original performance again. This means: perfect heat transfer which will lead into much lower energy costs and a level of cleanliness that prolonged their running time. We can’t tell you exactly how much this customer saved, because of confidentiality reasons, but we know for a fact that some of our customers reduce their energy costs with € 1.000 K per year, only by one perfectly cleaned heat exchanger!

Next to these huge advantages, thermal cleaning of heat exchangers also reduces wastewater up to 95% compared to high-pressure cleaning. We only have to remove a bit of dust by rinsing.

Can you imagine what you can save by our thermal cleaning method for your heat exchangers? If you see the potential for your company, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our experts are always prepared to help you with your questions.